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Typed Poem - A Lifetime of Love

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This original poem from Zombear Writes has been hand typed on an Underwood typewriter from 1911. This piece measures 12.5 cm x 9 cm.

Each piece is one of a kind, typed as they’re ordered so they’re each unique. The edges have been torn by hand to add a unique rustic appearance to the piece.

Poem Reads:

Pick up your broken pieces

you are more than sharp edges

you have glue in your pockets

put yourself back together

don’t give up

you deserve another tonight

another tomorrow

another week

a month

a year

you deserve a lifetime

of love and smiles

wandering barefoot

petting dogs that look up at you

from the sidewalk with their

tongues lolling out to the side

you deserve to grin back

don’t pretend to be unaffected

by the dark

embrace the knowing

that there is always light

to combat it

the sun always comes back around

the stars always shine

even if we can’t see them

you will be okay

even if right now

you don’t feel it


Frame this poem and set it out as a unique piece of home decor!