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Typed Poem - Drown In You

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This original poem from Zombear Writes has been hand typed on an Underwood typewriter from 1911. This piece measures 14 cm x 9 cm.

Each piece is one of a kind, typed as they’re ordered so they’re each unique. The edges have been torn by hand to add a unique rustic appearance to the piece.

Poem Reads:

We are lying in the dark

and my sight has adjusted

I can see in the shadows

and I am content

to watch you think

to stare at the crease

between your brows

your eyes dancing around

the room and landing

on everything and nothing

your slightly parted lips

I want to kiss them

god I want to kiss them

and I want to be

wrapped up in

your thoughts with you

I want you to take me away

from this place

I want to drift into dreams

that play behind your

lakeside eyes while they’re

closed and still

I want to sail on a boat

mar the mirror of

the water’s surface

I want to drown in this

I want to drown in you


Frame this poem and set it out as a unique piece of home decor!