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Hand Painted Ghost Beasty Coffin Keepsake Box - Black

Regular price $34.00

This hand painted keepsake box from Zombear Writes is perfect as unique home decor! It’s shaped like a coffin and features all sorts of spooky decorations.

You can spot a full moon, a golden moth, growing flowers, bright mushrooms, and a spiderweb on the front of this keepsake box. Around the edges is a hand painted lace design. The back showcases bats and sparkling stars.

Hidden inside this magical keepsake box is a ghost beasty! This adorable creature is part cat, ghost, and it has its own quirky antlers too! This ghost beasty is holding its own bouquet of flowers because it just loves the aroma too much! You’ll also see a crystal ball, the shining sun, and leafy blooms inside this hauntingly beautiful keepsake box as well!

Truly one of a kind - this entire piece has been hand painted by Zombear.

This is the only one available!

Measures 12cm tall, 7cm wide, 4cm deep. Lovingly painted with care in Ontario, Canada.