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Hand Painted Ghost Beasty Coffin Keepsake Box - Burgundy

Regular price $34.00

This hand painted keepsake box from Zombear Writes is perfect as unique home decor! It’s shaped like a coffin and features all sorts of spooky decorations.

You can spot a crescent moon, a silvery moth, a spider and its web, leafy blooms, sparkling stars, and a pair of bats on the front of this keepsake box. On the side is a hand painted lace accent. The back features a full moon, stars, and even more delightfully frightening spider webs!

Hidden inside this magical keepsake box is a ghost beasty! This adorable creature is part cat, ghost, and it has its own quirky antlers too! You’ll also see the phases of the moon, a floral bouquet, and more lovely lace accents inside.

Truly one of a kind - this entire piece has been hand painted by Zombear.

This is the only one available!

Measures 5” tall, 2.5” wide, 1.5” deep. Lovingly painted with care in Ontario, Canada.